About PTX Performance Training

TheSeattleGYM has brought world-class Group Fitness Classes to Seattle for over 25 years.

Our goal with our PTX Performance Team is to provide the same high-quality personalized training within a small group setting to get you in the best shape you want to achieve.

We offer a variety of Fitness Group Sessions designed by our team of professional trainers to inspire, guide and mentor so you can reach your full potential. Whether a novice or advanced exerciser each 30-minute session is designed to motivate and challenge.


The PTX Performance Mission

Training, nutrition, and wellness are integral to your success. PTX’s performance methodology is a comprehensive program that incorporates these three important elements of exercise so you reach your goals.

The PTX team will work tirelessly to support, guide, coach and mentor you to achieve your own goals.

If your goal is weight loss, weight gain, or simply exercising to look good and feel great, the professionalism and effectiveness of our PTX team will be apparent when your friends and family take notice of the changes in you.

We will get you working efficiently and striving for excellence, slowly incorporating a collection of positive changes into your lifestyle to live the life you want.


The Science of the PTX Performance LAB

Motivation, Endurance, Support, Energy, Accountability.  Working out with a group makes your time fun and effective. Group sessions can help you achieve your targets and encourage you to stick to it!

You are more likely to get a great workout and better results from the well-rounded movements and pace direction you get in a group setting. During the session members motivate each other to pick up the pace and reach beyond plateaus.

Our motto is “Inspire others and let them inspire you!”

It’s all about energy. The workout will continue energizing your body and mind long after you go home.

The PTX LAB workout will increase muscle endurance, power, stamina and toning.

With highly qualified and motivational Personal Trainers in a high energy studio, you have the answer for a workout that is safe, effective, and built to deliver lasting results.