FAQ about PTX small personal training sessions

Small Group Personal Training Sessions

How do I join?

• Sign up at the front desk iPad at Queen Anne or Laurelhurst.
• Go to our PTXMB site and join.
• Download the PTX Seattle app for a free session.

The Apple App
The Google Play App

How do I book a session?

• Use the PTX Seattle app, the front desk PTX iPad or ask the front desk to help.
• Find the session you would like to take and click “Book It!”
• If you have not yet purchased any PTX sessions, the scheduler will offer you options to purchase a 10- or 20-pack Pass, or a Single Session
• Pay on your app or online for your session(s)
• You can now click to book the session!

What is the 24 hour cancellation policy?

• You must cancel your booking within 24 HRS of the start of your session. If you cannot make your scheduled PTX session you must cancel within 24 HRS, or you will lose your session This policy is applicable to all PTX members including Unlimited memberships.

What is the 4 hour cancellation policy?

• We may cancel PTX sessions automatically  four hours before the start of the session if no bookings have taken place.

What happens if I fail to show up for a session?

You will lose the session or be charged $15 if an unlimited member.

Do I get charged if I don't show up but I have an Unlimited Pass ?

Yes. The cancellation penalty is the same regardless of the type of pass you hold - $15

How do I get my one free trial session?

1) At the front desk
2) At the front desk iPad
3) Through the web site
4) With the PTX Seattle app

How far ahead can I book a session?

Registration for each session opens 15 days before the session date.

If the session is full, how do I join the wait list?

You will be automatically added. If you are number "1" in line and someone drops out you will automatically be dropped into the session and emailed or texted if those options were selected.

When I arrive at TheSeattleGYM for my PTX session, how do I check in for my small group personal training?

Just stop at the front desk, and let a staff person know you are there to check in for PTX. The staff at the front desk will check you in for your session, then issue you a receipt that you must take to your PTX trainer. This receipt is your “ticket” to get into PTX, so be sure to stop at the desk to get it before going to session!

Why are there two different sets of prices for the passes, Member and Non-Member?

You do not have to be a member of TheSeattleGYM to participate in PTX small group training sessions. However, we do offer a special discount on the sessions for our members.

If I am a Non-Member, can I use the rest of the gym facilities during my visit?

Non-members who purchase single sessions or 10-pack passes to participate in PTX sessions do not have access to the club equipment or regular group fitness sessions at TheSeattleGYM. If you would like to enjoy everything the club has on offer, considering joining under the Non-Member Unlimited Pass, which includes all membership privileges at TheSeattleGYM!

Do the passes expire?

10-pack passes expire 3 months from the date of purchase. 20-pack passes expire 6 months from the date of purchase. Unlimited passes auto-renew monthly.

Is there a penalty for canceling after I’ve booked a session?

You are free to cancel online without penalty up to 24 hours before session otherwise your session may be lost or a $15 charge made for unlimited members.