Frankie’s Bootcamp Class

Taught by one of Seattle's most popular Personal Trainers: Frankie Rongo.

This 30min high intensity full body circuit routine covers it all.  Ten exercises covering your abs, core, legs, pushing/pulling movements  and conditioning.  The goal is to work hard for 30sec, then you rest for 30sec, then move to the next station.

And this is done for the entire 30 min. covering all 10 exercises 3 times each.

The class is self adjusting for ALL LEVELS.  Easiest level, work for 20sec then rest for 40sec.  Medium level, work for 30sec then rest for 30sec.  Hardest level, work for 45sec then rest for 15sec.  Exercises will change weekly for a fresh exciting workout.

Frankie WILL get you sweating and smiling – and in shape.

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