The PTX Class Portfolio

TheSeattleGYM has brought world-class Group Fitness Classes to Seattle for over 25 years.

Our goal with our PTX Performance Team is to provide the same high-quality personalized training within a small group setting to get you in the best shape you want to achieve.

We offer a variety of Fitness Group Sessions designed by our team of professional trainers to inspire, guide and mentor so you can reach your full potential. Whether a novice or advanced exerciser each 30-minute session is designed to motivate and challenge. Here is how to join!

Note: PTX sessions are cancelled 4 hours before a session starts if there are no bookings - See more FAQ here.

  • “The Zone”

    “The Zone”

    Welcome to The Zone! Are you ready to test your limits with this fast-paced circuit class that combines strength, cardio and…

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  • Tapas Vinyasa Yoga

    Tapas Vinyasa Yoga

    Tapas Vinyasa Yoga is an hour long yoga class for practitioners who have a comfortable asana foundation. ‘Tapas’ in Sanskrit…

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  • Intro to Ballet Barre

    Intro to Ballet Barre

    Get acquainted with the fundamentals of ballet barre. If you have been afraid to try because you feel like you…

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  • Ballet Barre

    Ballet Barre

    Ballet Barre will introduce you to the basic curriculum that dancers use to train their bodies and to stay in…

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  • BootCamp


    This bootcamp class will incorporate a series of  high intensity exercises followed with very short rests in between leaving you breathless…

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  • BARRE Fitness Class

    BARRE Fitness Class

    This class blends together the best of: Ballet, Yoga, Pilates, and Core Conditioning & body sculpting. Barre instructors take the…

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  • Gravity Group

    Gravity Group

    The GRAVITY® Training System (GTS)… GTS is a gravity-based machine that encourages functional exercise using your own body weight as resistance…

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    Take the popular Tabata HiiT (high intensity interval training) formula and combine it with the unique Gravity Training System and…

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  • TRX Fusion

    TRX Fusion

    TRX Suspension Training: Build overall strength, balance and flexibility with this total-body program. Trainers create a 30 minute workout combining…

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  • “Revive”


    REVIVE is a unique yoga regimen that helps realign, refine & rejuvenate. In these sessions, you will move at a…

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  • Frankie’s Bootcamp Class

    Frankie’s Bootcamp Class

    Taught by one of Seattle's most popular Personal Trainers: Frankie Rongo. This 30min high intensity full body circuit routine covers…

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